Friday, June 23, 2006

RUN AWAY! update

I have a pattern here.

There's a little tiki hut right outside my door, and I sit there and type until my computer battery runs out. It is very squinty work. Then I go inside and plug into the hairdryer outlet above the toilet, which is the only one in the entire room that doesn't throw out sparks when I link up, and I sit on the toilet seat and type until the battery is up again. Then: Back outside.

I was up at six AM and feel no need to rest. So this is the secret to battling fatigue while writing: Have a disgusting bed.

I eat cheese with crackers and reheated spaghetti I made earlier in the week. The Starbucks barista just attempted to pick me up ("You're a writer? I'M a writer! Screenplays!" Oh, shut up and steam the milk, Speilberg.)

Number of half-cans of Coke remaining: 1

Yesterday I tried walking on the beach, which I thought would be romantic and writerly and instead was It was low tide and the Seaweed Ocean Barf was in town. Thanks for the encouragement, Ocean.

This morning I watched the sun rise. So THAT'S how the big orange disk gets up there. I need to figure out a way to not have to get up early to see that again.

I went to the first grocery in which I ever made a deli visit all by myself--when I came to town for my interview at the Kennedy Space Center, I went to a Publix and loaded up on sandwich thingies. You cannot underestimate how a deli ticket in the hand marks entry to Big Girlhood. They didn't remember me.

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Dantelope said...

Perhaps it will please you to no end that your most favorite person in the world, McBoobs, has admitted to battling bulimia!

Which means... everything she eats could be ejected to the place where you are currently sitting trying to write.

Oh, the love, can you feel the love?

Laney said...

Sounds like you need a cabaƱa boy to help get the artistic juices flowing. : )~

Dantelope said...

I doubt they have cabana boys in Spacetown.

Do I dare make comments about robots with attachments?

patty m. said...

Dantelope, I had to laugh when I read the following line from your link about McBoobs:

Phone numbers for her, her family or her publicist could not immediately be located.

It's not that phone calls were unanswered and messages unreturned, but the writer just didn't happen to have the numbers within reach. And information costs, like, a buck fifty, which is almost half a gallon of gas...

It's like the writer is admitting, "Er, following up on this story would have taken, you know, real work and maybe even some investigation, so I'm sure you understand that the story is totally not worth it.

Dantelope said...

I could swear "her family or her publicist" is redundant... they're one in the same, aren't they?

In other news, McBoobs' dad has been selected by the producer of The Ten Commandments II: Moses Kicks Ass to recreate the Red Sea for Moses to part using only his tears and a video of McBoobs as a little girl singing On the Good Ship Lollipop.

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