Thursday, June 22, 2006


O Starbucks. O blessed wireless access.

I am not in the Blonde Bachelorette Pad, Northern Edition. This is because I have run away. I'm struggling to finish a manuscript, but my bed and my general self keep interrupting. I'd be in the middle of a paragraph, and get up to hurtle around the apartment, as I often do while in Supposedly Creative Mode, and then, mid-hurtle, I'd notice things like, "Huh... I really should organize those two cans of BeefARoni in the pantry." As a result, I have a self-imposed deadline for June 28, and at last check I am on page... zero.

So I have run away to a one-night-stand special on the Space Coast. Nightly rack rate: Eight cents, and the bedspread shows it. I checked in, admired the heavily advertised color TV with HBO, and wheeled it directly into the ocean. All day, it's been me and my laptop and the Very Scary Comforter. I am going to bend each molecule of my considerable self-discipline to departing with a completed rough draft.

I shall return to my current Swamp Position anon, at which point I will still likely be on page zero, but will leave behind the best-ironed drapes in all of Cocoa Beach.

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tamar said...

You can do it girl! Good Luck!

Dantelope said...

I remember my college days... where every paper was done exactly the same way you're doing it. Except it was a room filled with beer-drinking party-goers. And I wasn't actually doing any work. Hmm... this explains a lot now that I think about it.

If they have a bathroom there and you have some time to ponder the more philosophical elements of life, perhaps you'll be inspired to answer this puzzling question!

Go get 'em, MB. Head down, pen on paper....

Anonymous said...

It's me: the whiner who complained about missing out on a writing career awhile back. Thank you, thank you for reminding me about the agonizing pain of the actual writing process. You are a brave soul to do this for a living.

MB said...

Yeah, it's a tough life out here, watching the ocean go back and forth.

Thanks so much for the encouragement guys. I was starting to wonder where everybody was.

Carol said...

Ah - we love you! We're just feeling quiet, I guess.

mike the longterm reader said...

When I was a senior at Notre Dame, I slept exactly two of the last 23 nights of the semester in my own bed, for I had so many papers to write. The rest of the time I roughed it in the DeBartolo CompLab Lounge, which is a nice place to visit, but you wouldn't want to sleep there.

Good luck and good hunting.

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