Thursday, June 08, 2006

RE: Visual Creation Of Authority

Dear Tony Snow:

In the future, when you give a globally televised press conference to announce the timeline of the death of the one of the worst terrorists in the history of ever, please do not wear a pretty pink tie.

Mary Beth


amy lou the reader said...

I think I cracked a rib laughing silently at my desk.

I especially like the salutation - "Cuddles" - too funny!

Nicko McDave said...

Reminds me of the time that Curly of the Three Stooges was petending to shave a block of ice as if it were a man, and he dabbed the front of the block with shaving cream. While scraping off the cream with a straight razor, he stopped and asked the ice, "Were you wearing a pink bow tie? No? Then here's your bottom lip."

Jcat2323 said...

A pink tie? Ooo. I didn't see the coverage, just read about it at Did he lose a bet? Someone get that man a PR consultant.

MB said...

Seriously. I'm scared now. What does he have in the back of his sock drawer for when we get bin Ladin? Something from the Claire's Prom Collection?

mike the longterm reader said...

She ain't kidding.

FOX News video link (high-speed).

Screenshot (medium-speed).

Screenshot (low-speed).

Dantelope said...

From the Pinko Commie drawer....

Jcat2323 said...

Oh. My. God. Not just pink, it's SHINY pink!!!
Apparently the green one with the purple polkadots was at the cleaners.
Clare's Prom Collection! I love it! For bin Laden, sparkles!

MB said...

Thanks for the pictoral proof, Mike. I couldn't find any *cough cough*GOVERNMENT COVERUP*cough cough*

Attitude Amy said...

I wonder what Clinton's press secretary was wearing those three times Clinton let bin laden get away even though he had confirmed intelligence on his location.

If I was about to announce the death of a murdering bastard then I might just show up with bells on my toes. I for one think this is a happy occasion. But then I have a brother who went after these bastards for a living and who was shot at numerous times. (I'm always sensitive about people that shoot at my family).

Now, if I were announcing the death of the countless of innocent people this man was responsible for murdering, and I knew I would be making the announcement ahead of time, then I might wear something a little more subdued.

Perhaps we can all chip in and buy this guy a camouflage tie. That way people aren't distracted by the importance of what he is wearing.

I still think you are great MB.

MB said...

You know, I never thought of it that way, AttitudeAmy. Perhaps it's his Happy Fun Tie. Well, then it's OK.

Jenib said...

Okay Amy, count me as totally distracted by the vision of you dancing around with bells on your toes. LOLOL.

I want a framed and autographed picture of that one. I promise I will hang it on my wall. Or keep it on the nightstand close to me.

You made a great point about pink tie.

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