Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Game On

The Boyification of Jim The Small Child Nephew continues. His father plays hockey, and so Jim shall watch hockey. "Hockey!" he says happily, pointing at the television, even when soccer is on. Father and son watched the entire Stanley Cup series.

Okay, father and son watched the first period of the entire Stanley Cup series. Then Country The Brother-In-Law announced that the game was over and everybody had to go to bed, and Jim The Small Child Nephew would trot off to his room, assuming the players were headed to their big boy beds as well instead of forty more minutes of slamming one another into walls.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry I was MIA for so long, you guys. My computer was sick. But it's much better now. I feel alive again.

Ophelia said...

What do you mean "Michigan isn't a real state?" Aren't you from Ohio??? :)

I discovered that it is possible to shoot Cheerios out your nose. Painful, but possible. That 'prune juice' bit just put me over the edge. Hilarious!!

tamar said...

When I attend hockey games, I come home (horse, hoarse?) Ahem, without a voice. I love going and letting my redneck self play for a while. Glad to see I'm not the only one!

HelloBettyLou said...
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HelloBettyLou said...

That was hilarious. I so rarely get to laugh at work (because I work for a large soul-less and I suspect god-less corporation that does not condone it) and the post made my day.

AlaskaMe said...


Loved the post. I'm a huge hockey fan, but my favorite part was "My name is Inigo Montoy" it cracked me up. Now of course I will go home and HAVE to watch the movie.

PS Next season I'm stealing the prune juice chant!

zaftiguous said...

I am a rabid, frothing-at-the-mouth hockey fan who grew up in Michigan (but now live in a godless, hockeyless state on the west coast). My husband gave me NHL Center Ice for our anniversary, and I wept with joy and gratitude. My 18-month-old son, within 3.7 seconds of me turning on a game, throws his arms in the air and yells "GOOAAALLL!!!!" and does this until bedtime. He will learn to heckle opposing teams in no time.

Thanks MB, for yet another hilarious post!

Dantelope said...

College hockey is absolutely, gloves-down, the best possible experience one can have watching a sport.

The fans are absolutely rabid and the chants are phenomenally creative and, usually, so funny you'll likely pee in your pants the first time you hear them (which is nice at first since it's all warm, but trust me... nobody likes to see a frozen yellow popsicle protruding out your zipper)...

As a Wolverine, my favorite chant involved the phone. There was a loud, old-style phone in the arena that you could hear during the game occasionally. Whenever someone heard that ring, it was an instantaneous reaction from the crowd:

HEY, [insert goalie name here]!

Ahhhh.. is there no better joy than belittling others?

Anonymous said...

Hey! Since I was one of the ones directly responsible for dragging you out there that night, and was responsible for some of those listed yells, why don't I get some love in the article? Y'know, now that the statute of limitiations is up and everything. =)


Anonymous said...

Oh, Flip, you know you will always get unlimited love from me.

Good to know you're out there :)

Anonymous said...

I liked the "Rudy" reference...and the fact that the coach waved at you is superb.

Jenib said...

O.M.G...did you really...?

That was so funny.

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