Thursday, May 25, 2006

It Makes the World Go Round

I am pleased to report that the Formerly SuperSecret Double Probation Project has now cracked the 100,000 mark on the Amazon Bestseller List. That's right: At 90,497, we're a mere ninety thousand spots away from number one. I hope I remember the little people.

Speaking of, please do remember me whenever you by anything on Amazon. If you click on my link above and from there navigate to whatever old thing you want to buy, I get a cut with no additional cost to you. It's all about hurting The Man, not my peeps.

One more crass commercial announcement: New wares in the Tasting Room. This is the much asked for, long-awaited "Mightier Than The Sword" Collection. Once again, many thanks to Lisa The Reader of Chumney Visual Designs. Still open to your design if you wanna poof up your resume. Go forth, my people.

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Jcat2323 said...

Cool. I'll be sure to order one when I have a little extra cash. It's payday and the money is already spent. I hate that.
And kudos on breaking the top 100,000. Remember, baby steps.

red pill junkie said...

Ok, so when exactly are we going to see a photo of YOURSELF modelling your pret-a-porter champagne-wear??

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

p.s. And you forgot me in the list of types in the volume. Am I Saucy Pity Case (tm)? That just to tell you that being self-deprecating and angsty about how you will be categorized are apparently prerequisites for being included in Random House's volume. Oh, we kooky twenty-somethings! Jenn, again, avoiding work

WanderingUpNorth said...

Wow! My little thought became a reality. I feel honored. Even more honored than when I found out I was JFK's 6th cousin.

Remember me when you're famous.

Lisa Chumney said...

Remember ME when you are famous. Thanks for the mention and the opportunity to work with you. It was such a blast. Congrats on the 100,000 mark.

Lisa Chumney said...
Hey girlfriend, I did not design this beautiful design so I can't take credit for that babe.

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