Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Unpopinions, Volume III

-The Beatles could write good music, but they sure couldn’t sing it very well.

-I have never owned a dog or a cat and am totally OK with keeping it that way. (NOTE: Your dog or cat, of course, is the reincarnation of Ghandi and has cured West Nile Virus and can perform all four cycles of The Ring. I know.)

-Hate Erin Brockovich, the movie as well as the actual person. Shut up, Erin. Shut up, Julia. Shut up, movie. All of you, put some clothes on.

Me, I always go into the office dressed like this.

-The stringy music on the TV grid channel is quite nice. Do dance with me.

-Any video game involving more than one (1) joystick and one (1) firing button fully sucks.

texas instruments home computer, awwwww yeah at:


ob-la-di, ob-la-da said...

Linky no worky :)

No probs with your unpopopinions this round - our psyches must be syncing up, also evinced by the fact that I get to be the first to comment.

Dantelope said...

OMG. I don't know you. Who are you and what have you done with that cool, hip MB chick?

- Beatles: love 'em
- 2 cats, neither of which is Ghandi or has cured West Nile or even knows what all four cycles of the Ring are. Usually, they just vomit on the carpet and drag poop around the house for the guests to admire.
- Loved Erin Brokovich. Loved it. Wish there were more.
- I don't know how you go dressed to the office, but last I recall it involved having toilet paper streaming from your backside. Me, I prefer to wear Very Crappy Work Clothes That Make Me Look Cheap And Unattractive
- I have never watched the TV grid channel as I use ReplayTV and It Is Good. Plus, if I dance, you'll have at least several fewer toes.
- You cannot play air force pilot with only a single joystick and one firing button. JTP should strap you down and spank you for suggesting so. No, wait, hold on, that's not punishment...

Havin' one of those days, I guess...

Halcyon said...

Well, I almost cannot remember exactly how the Beatles sang their songs because I am in a choir and this weekend we are performing a Beatles medley that includes about half their catalog (well, just 17 songs, but still!) The songs really sound different when you perform them in four-part harmony. Not saying they sound better or worse - just different.

MB said...

Link works now, OD. Thank you :)

Anonymous said...


I was planning on checking out BC and then doing ACTUAL work, like a good little drone, BUT NOOO!!!! I ended up reading every available post, until I realized that 45 minutes had passed! ARRGH!!!

Just kidding, my friend
You know that I love you much
Keep up the good work.

Ok, so not based on Primerica, but a haiku none the less!

MI RULES! (Life-long Muskegon prisoner....I mean resident:)

Tamar :P

sdgirl said...

If you and JTP move to DC, would you please teach somewhere local? I would SO skip work just to see if your classes are as much fun as your blog!

I found you through your Stick It! article and have been busily reading the archives instead of working. I was a gymnast (even for a year at that Air Force Academy Place, where I also had a short stay. We didn't get the nifty Sink Navy nametags like JTP did though) so I got a huge laugh out of the article.

Thanks for the giggles and I can't wait to read more.

erin said...

OK, you rock! And I mean that in the hippest since my 30 year old vernacular can use. I am cool like that. I found your site through the "Stick It" article on You had me laughing out loud! I want to hate that movie so bad but can't help but jump around the house trying to perform a double herkie something or other after seeing the previews and hoping that my neighbors can't see me.
Also completely agree with you regarding the Beatles. I mean seriously people...they were a pop band that discovered weed and suddenly got all political. I mean in college I discovered weed and had many a political discussion whilst hovering over the "All You Can Eat" Pizza Hut Buffet but I ain't making a bazillion dollars am I?
Anywho, I read through some of your other articles and give props to the Star Wars references in the Josh the Pilot story. I freakin love that movie and not in the "I dress up like Bobo Fet to go to conventions sort of way" (those people scare me). Not to many other girls are with my on that one. So, I feel the force is strong with you young Jedi so I will be a visiting your site often from now on. B/c I really need something else to distract me from work! ( :

red pill junkie said...

It's interesting to note that there was this survey made in England, where most people chose John Lennon as one of the best SINGERS of all time. I personally don't agree with that, but I do think John and Paul had the right kind of voice to make their songs the most memorable of the XXth century.

I'd like to point out that I'm 32 years-old people.

As for dogs and cats. One of the my greates griefs is not to be able to own a dog anymore due to my work schedule. I used to own a boxer bitch (shut up!) named Kimba when I was a child, and one of the worst days of my life was when I had to say good bye to her, she had cancer and was suffering a lot, so I decided to put her to sleep :-( We buried her in my parents' garden and I still often dream with her.

MB said...

Ah, newbies! Much welcome and many thanks :)

Dantelope said...

I just noticed -- owing more to by 21" LCD and less to my keen powers of observation -- that you changed your donation signature.

American made. Nicely equipped.

Nicely equipped.... is that a thinly veiled reference to The Rack????

gryphonesse said...

I have to confess: the "channel" channel is my favorite thing to watch on tv.

Oh, and you really should try a cat, at least. They'll remind you of your proper place in the universe. Under their paw.

MB said...

The "channel" channel.

I'm calling it that from NOW ON.

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