Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Assumng that in the 2006 Atlantic hurricane season we get to "F" (and I have a feeling that, within the first fourteen seconds, we will) the world shall welcome Hurricane Florence. Which is my grandmother's name. It's going to be the first ever huggable hurricane. I bet she brings little bags of hard candy and crochets her way up the peninsula.

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MissDirected said...

Yeah. Little bags of hard candy that will be thrown with great force at small children while adults hope they don't meet the wrath of a crochet hook. I'm just sayin.

Dantelope said...

My wife's Aunt Flo comes to visit once a month and I don't think she's the kind to carry hard candy or, heavens forbid, even be in the vicinity of children.


Jenib said...

I am moving back to eastern NC in a few months and have had hurricane season on my mind. That said, when I saw the word "Flo", I was totally thinking of something else and thought you were getting REALLY personal here. Whew.

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