Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Things a President Should Never Say, In the State of the Union or Otherwise

1) "OB-GYN"

2) "More math for everybody!"


kelebek }{ said...

I second that.
My roomate and I did the "2006 drinking game" during the speech. Good thing we were only drinking water, otherwise we would have passed out before the lovely reaction shots of Hilary!
PS. I linked to your blog, hope it's okay.

amy lou the reader said...

I got the drinking game from my boss. I didn't drink; I'm such a lightweight that I'd probably be unconscious now...

I enjoyed the speech, minus the "more math" part and I wondered how long he had to practice to say "OB-GYN" with a straight face (I know I'd have trouble).

I'm a Bush supporter (yeah, call me crazy), and I thought his speech laid out a good agenda for the next three years. But I know everything he said will be ripped to shreds.

Laney said...

MB, I concur. President Bush will never get the greatest orator award, but I truly believe he has the right idea. Did anyone see his interview with Bob Schieffer? He actually said the phrase “I like to surround myself with smart people.” Does that scare me? Yes. Do I still love him? Yes. Call me crazy.

Dan the Reader said...

Bush, meet Frey. Frey, Bush. You have so much in common!

Has anybody else noticed that government regulation kills whatever it touches?

Education, for example. MB -- I'm sure you could speak to this. I'm a firm believer that government should challenge the educational system -- but that ultimately, it's the communities that use those systems that should control their fate. If a school is doing poorly by its students and their parents, it should (gasp) shut down because nobody attends it. If a school is doing well, it should blossom and receive funding because so many people are attending it. Why do we have a government that claims education is so important but then forces its constituents to attend a specific school based on -- of all the stupid things -- geographical location. What happened to democracy's greatest achievement -- market forces?


AKgirlinFL said...

I apologize to all the Bush supporters, but I think the guy is one of the biggest idiots in the country. Note: I said "one of" because there are many more out there, republican and democrat alike. There so many holes in what he said that I find it hard to believe that he even knows what he's talking about. The tax cuts he talks about were given to the richest people in America, and the budget and programs cuts were to things like federal financial student aid for broke ass students like myself who have worked 40 hours a week since they turned 18 just to get by. And all that better veteran benefits crap... Dude, they kicked my husband out of the Army 1 year shy of his discharge and took away all of his benefits because of his first and only DUI (But yet they let child molesters who have been caught on Dateline stay in and recieve benefits). Anyway, sorry for rambling MB, your site is awesome. I love it for it's lack of politics but we kinda ruined that.

Anonymous said...

I turned off the radio when the speech came on...I know I need to be informed, but information is not what that speech is about...it's about rhetoric. I'm also bitter over the fact that we failed our own citizens in New Orleans, are failing the Iraqi citizens, and are no safer from terrorism 4 years after 9/11.

Ophelia said...

Part of me really wanted to watch the SOTU address last night but to be quite honest our President is very hard to listen to for any extended period of time.
What would've made me watch it is if there was someone else doing the voice over - maybe the guy from the History Channel?
In my mind, presidents are supposed to be powerful, moving speakers. That's a quality that we don't get too much of.
I'm looking forward to Jon Stewart's recap tonight on The Daily Show

Nicko McDave said...

How about the part where he wants to put a stop to research creating man-monkeys, or some such thing? I almost soiled my pants when I heard that. Who knew we had a secret animal hybrid program?

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