Saturday, October 29, 2005

BC Update XII

Well. Seven has struck again in the Classic. The owner of Saint Liam, the winner, thanked "Father Scully" at Notre Dame for saying a Mass for the win. That would be Fr. Timothy Scully, former VP of the University, so he clearly carries more weight than your average off-the-rack mortal priest. Man, it's not even a football Saturday, and The Womb is all, "Remember me? Remember me? Remember me? Remember me?" Yeah, you and your lack of sleep, too, so really... not much has changed. Also, in the newsbreak, the network announced that--after five games-- Charlie Weis has been signed to a ten-year contract to coach the Irish. I'm glad we're not being impulsive about this.

This was NBC's last year of broadcasting the Breeders' Cup. Fare thee well, peacock. You've really, really sucked.


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