Wednesday, September 21, 2005


How are we doing on our weekend plans, everyone? Consider courting arrest.

This is what Josh The Pilot and I did over Labor Day. He took me downstate to meet his cousins for the very first time over the weekend, and let us begin with the announcement that what you need to do when you’re trying to impress your SO’s family when you meet them for the very first time over a three-day weekend is to not bring any bras.

I wore a built-in-bra tank top for the drive down, so I had nothing else for support, nothing at all, except a bikini top, which was jet black and tied at the back and the neck. Josh The Pilot suggested that I wear this in place of an actual bra when I pulled him into the bathroom for a sidebar.

“With a white t-shirt?” I hissed. To church?”

As it happened, we spent the day by the pool, so I got away with it, but what if we had been in, like, Green Bay? Another really good bra-related thing to do is substitute a bikini top which ties at the back and the neck and press this up against a car seat for two and a half hours. That is just magical.

I need to go to class and warp the young some more, but I’ll be back to finish things up on my office hours. You see how well their tuition money is used.

YES I’m wearing a bra at:

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