Tuesday, September 27, 2005


There is great feasting in the house of my sister, for the firstborn man-child has secured his first kill. ENEMY: A woolly worm. CAUSE OF DEATH: Over-petting.

Jim the Baby Nephew discovered woolly worms today. BabyCenter.com says that toddlers his age are beginning to key into texture, and apparently the Texture of the Week is woolly, because he petted his woolly worm until it disintegrated. I do not think he is ready for a puppy.

Locked in mortal combat

In other news, I got a free eyebrow wax today. I overpaid. The beautician was all, “Relax your face!” and I was like, “BUT YOU’RE YANKING HAIRS OUT OF MY HEAD ONE BY ONE WHILE SHINING A BIG SPOTLIGHT DIRECTLY INTO MY FACE, AND IF WE WERE IN GUANTANAMO BAY, YOU WOULD BE ON CNN BY NOW.”

leash for sale at: mb@blondechampagne.com

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