Thursday, September 22, 2005

More Wheels

I did that thing tonight. You know? That thing? Where you fall asleep? And you wake up? And it's 7:58? And you shoot out of bed in a panic? And start running around to get in the shower since you're late for work? And then suddenly stop and wonder why it's so dark? And then you realize that it is in fact 7:58 PM, and you are a gigantic douche? That's what I did.

I'm still having a better day than the JetBlue PR department. Oh, this was quite The Event here at the University of Airplanes last night. The students all glommed around the campus TV sets, and it was all anybody was talking about today, because a plane landing? PARTY!!

Reports are trickling out that the passengers were watching Fox News onboard while the landing was taking place, which... yeah. Because the passenger jet experience isn't enjoyable enough in and of itself, JetBlue sees to it that you have the capability to experience your own demise in widescreen format.

I want to believe this was a total coincidence, but one of my students wore a tshirt trumpeting JetBlue's incredibly awesome accident record to class today. "We've got your back," it said. But, apparently, not your nose gear.

Off to check the weather now. I have free passes to a water park over the weekend, and we've been getting RitaRain all day. Since it's all about me, it's very important that the hurricane move on to Texas and commence the destruction so's I can go down the twisty slide.

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