Sunday, January 16, 2005

Thin Ice

I'm watching a tape of the Nationals (if you're cool, and have no life, you know that refers to U.S. Figure Skating National Championships) and here is why I never made it as an Olympic ice princess outside of the fact that I can't jump or spin or skate backwards or tolerate Dick Button:

1) A pairs team just skated. He's twenty years old. She? Is twelve. Say it with me now: Ew.

2) The team who won the short program did it by leapfrogging from a low place in the rankings. In the post-competition interview, the color commentator said to the male half of the pair, "You're a huge Red Sox fan. How much of an inspiration was their performance in the World Series to you?" And I can report with certainty that he was all, "Well, blah blah blah blah." I missed most of what he said because I was too dumbstruck by the fact that a man a sheer black tunic with sparkly pants was talking baseball.

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