Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Letters From the Blue and the Red

Weeeeeelllllllll, there’s been a bit of traffic here in The Champagne Tasting Lounge over the past twenty-four hours. Greatest email/comment hits:

“I imagine you sitting up in your living room finally knowing your candidate won, eyes heavy with no sleep, mind fuzzy, you stand and crawl to the computer to post 'It is over' in victory. Once posted you curl into the fetal position and, finally, fall asleep wrapped up in your afghan shaped like an elephant. Sleep well, MB, your work here is done.” –IsSanityNear

“This election has been like two hours of frustrating sex—I just wanted it to come already.” –Anonymous

“I had a nearly identical experience today driving my kids to school, saying the Rosary. I was too embarrassed to call my mother. I think I got them right, though.”-amdg

“You've delivered Indiana even without Flip’s help. Win-win for you and W, lose-lose for Flip. Give me this poor guy's phone number, I'll buy him a beer.”-MilGuy

Man am I glad this is over with. Someday I might once again have the ability to keep down solid foods.

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