Saturday, January 31, 2004

Because this week doesn't suck QUITE enough

I am right now watching the very last air episode of my Show of Shows, Mystery Science Theater 3000. It's hilarious, it's intelligent, and it's awesome, and so of course it was cancelled, but not after a stellar ten year run and a Peabody Award. The worst episode of MST3K, which unashamedly used such words as "proboscis", is still far better than the best night of network dreck-- and I adore it.

I have a stack of episodes in my video cabinet, but there's nothing like the warm comfort of knowing that lovely signal was beaming out into space two hours a week. Hi-keeba to my fellow MSTies, who are the sort of people who saw absolutely nothing unusual with the fact that I wrote about the show in my thesis (And yet the review board still granted my degree. God bless you, grade inflation.)

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