Sunday, December 21, 2003

Shaddup, Deion.

I seriously can't stand Deion Sanders so much I'm radiating little wavy hate tendrils at the TV. I have never heard him say anything this entire season that wasn't in a shriek. I wonder what would ever happen in the event he's not the center of attention in every single room he's in. Shrivel up like the Wicked Witch of the West, I suppose, howling, "CLOSE UUUUUUUP OOOON MEEEEEEEEEEE!"

He's wearing this universe-rupturing red jacket today (Boomer: "Are you going foxhunting?") and, after my man Boomer patiently broke down the playoff picture-- who needs to root for whom, how the chips are falling and so forth-- Deion said, "Man, get out of here with all that stuff. If you got a good team, you're gonna be in the playoffs." Dude. Not if the team you're tied with for first wins too.

Vindication came, however, in the form of Deion announcing-- for some reason-- "You never saw me miss a tackle."

Boomer: (pause) "I never saw you near one."

Dan Marino and host Jim Nance: (laugh very, very hard)

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