Sunday, December 07, 2003

Oh, Boomer.

I've mentioned how dear to this blonde heart Boomer Esiason is, but he just vaulted himself right into BFF status when he spoke of how honored he was to call the Army-Navy game earlier this week. He mentioned Pearl Harbor and awesome the cadets are.

He's currently involved in a spat with Lawrence Taylor over-- okay, I'm not exactly sure why Taylor is pissed, but Deion The Perpetually Annoying is on his side, which automatically means that Boomer has got to be right. (Surrealality Sidenote: Sean Hannity had Taylor on his radio show last week. Given the recent dust-up between Sean and Marc Summers, all these colliding world moments between The Men In My Life are seriously starting to scare me.)

Boomer, it seems, is nearly constantly unpiling himself from an avalanche of cosmic crap. He has long been involved with cystic fibrosis research due to his son's illness, he lost his research foundation's offices in the World Trade Center on 9/11, Al Michaels ousted him from Monday Night Football, he refused to reveal that his struggles with the Bengals began when he discovered his son was sick and he had to drive the kid around and around I-275 for hours at night just to get him to sleep, and now he has to share oxygen with Idiot Deion on a weekly basis. From his comments on the CBS preview show, I can pretty much tell he has a tangible dedication to family, decency, and country. That goes yards and yards with me.

Also, he just picked the Bengals over the Ravens today. Sniff. I love you, man!

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