Sunday, December 14, 2003

Lill, You Dumbass

I've stuck with Lill throughout this season of Survivor 'cause she's my homegirl. Can't turn your back on a fellow Cincinnatian, y'all, even if she is an East Sider. But tonight, when she selected a popular, non-hated player over an unpopular, obnoxious, cocky, misogynistic asshat to take with her to the Final Two, where the a jury of former players would decide who won the million dollars, she chose: The popular, non-hated player. Lill. I'm a blonde political science major who regularly loses her way IN HER OWN APARTMENT, and even I'M sitting there screaming "TAKE JON TAKE JON TAKEJONTAKEJONTAKEJON" at the television set. You make a dumbass move like that, you deserve to lose soundly, as you did, six votes to one. God. Stop embarrassing my city, Lill. We get enough of that from Jerry Springer, and certainly don't need your assistance.

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