Friday, November 14, 2003

Taufling's First Plane Ride

Taufling is currently winging his/her way south. It is her first time on a plane, and he is coming to see ME. Me, the favorite aunt already. That Taufling has class.

There are, of course, presents waiting. The spoiling begins. I have dear adorable booties I special-ordered from The Womb's bookstore and a Completely Legally Obtained mix CD entitled "Music To Be Pregnant By" (Taufling is just now developing his hearing, and no niece of mine is coming in to this world contaminated by Fifty Cent Piece, or whatever the hell that idiot calls himself.) The best present is little socks with plush horses on the toes. When you shake the horses, they rattle. I almost cried when I saw them: Taufling's first Daily Double.

When I hung up the phone with my sister this morning, ("See you later, incubator!" I always say. This never fails to amuse. Me, anyway) I told her to bring a sweatshirt or windbreaker or something. "It's getting chilly in the mornings," I said fretfully. "It was fifty-nine when I left for work."

There was a pause on the other end of the line. "It's twenty-two degrees today," she said. Oh.

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