Thursday, October 09, 2003

Taufling's Big Womb Adventures says that my niece or nephew is at this moment busily growing hair. Taufling should at this point have developed an all-over soft down called "lanugo". That's.... very duckling-like of Taufling, I suppose. More power to you, my little peep.

I hope Taufling has my sister's hair; she's a strawberry blonde, and when she wasn't much older than Taufling, it looked purely red at times. It's worrisome that this should be Taufling's focus right now, as his/her aunt is currently experiencing some very severe Hair Issues. I lopped it all off last month, it looked good for four seconds, and now it's all flat and horrid. I have to do a presentation today for the engineers and literally spent 40 minutes in very intense negotiations with my hair, and by the time I walked out the door it actually looked worse when I first rolled out of bed.

Taufling is also working on his/her muscle tone. I worked my muscles today too, using a resistance band and a VHS tape featuring an inappropriately enthusiastic person named Tony. Taufling doesn't have a Tony to guide him/her through Lawnmower Pulls and Heavy Pants Flys (don't ask) so I have no idea how s/he is pulling this off. Very tiny Bowflex, perhaps.

I made my sister laugh for like four days once after I in all seriousness told her that I would name a baby girl Freedom Marie or Celestia or both. After she told me that she was expecting, I asked if she was going to name Taufling "Freedom Marie" if she was a girl. There was a very long pause, then she said, "But that's your name."

And, says, Taufling can now "grasp, squint, frown, and grimace." Clearly, this child is a German.

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