Tuesday, October 21, 2003


Schools in West Virginia have signed on to something called a "humane education" curriculum, which emphasizes, among other things, "human oppression", "animal exploitation", and, I expect, Goat-Petting. Isn't West Virginia like 287th of all 50 states in education? Is Fuzzy Fruit Gnat preservation really what we need to be focusing on, West Virginia?

WARNING: MUST READ FOLLOWING SENTENCE WHILE WEARING A UNITARD AND MANY HEALING CRYSTALS: "Humane educators," one hu-ed site singsongs, "inspire people to live examined, intentional lives so that what they do today helps the planet, animals and all people tomorrow." As opposed to living an unintentional life? Honey, if all our lives began intentionally, I daresay a solid fifty percent of us wouldn't be here at all.

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