Friday, October 03, 2003

Half a Banana

That's how much my niece or nephew weighs-- five or six ounces. (I'm going to have to pick out a non-gender specific name for this kid, so that I can bond with it, and also because I am a lazy broad who is weary of typing "niece or nephew.") says that he/she already has fingerprints, and if you push against my sister's stomach, the baby will root around looking for lunch.

I told her to be careful with the music she's listening to. When my cousin's wife was pregnant, she listened to a lot of Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, and very soon after Kaitlyn was born she started kicking and moving around whenever she heard their voices on the radio. I think that's fascinating. Also scary: This means that you're not safe from Faith Hill even in the womb. Julie had better institute a Top 40-free zone around her cubicle at work. I don't want that kid filling up on any Cher in there.

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