Friday, September 19, 2003

Chopper Mohammad

Why is it that no matter where you are in America, the guy in the traffic copter sounds exactly the same? I've lived in three major media markets in my life and I swear it's just one guy up there yelling about a backup on I-275 between Kenwood and Montgomery.

How is this at all useful? Imagine my shock when I hear every single morning that for some reason it's slow going in the downtown area. They do it again at night: "Wow, I-4 is just a parking lot right now! It's almost as if the entire city is trying to get somewhere at once!" So I'm especially glad that radio hosts find it necessary to toss it to this guy every four seconds.

Do they do this in other countries? At 101.9 The Kicker in Afghanistan, do they cue up the honking horns and that Jetsons music so Chopper Mohammad can report on a broken-down camel by the side of the road? "There is almost no movement at the northern minefield this morning, and long delays down by the marketplace and along the border. It is almost as if the entire nation is trying to get somewhere at once!"

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